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The final stride; a message to all finalists

SOURCEPaa Kwesi Mensah (UCC)
paa kwesi mensah
Paa Kwesi Mensah (UCC Level 400)

It was just yesterday that we got admission into the university. We started by counting our days in years. The era of years passed like a whirlwind, and then came the era of months…that one too had to pass like a fall from a mountain top. Now, here we are, the era of DAYS!! Our university years are now counted in days…and I must say it’s been quiet a ride.

We started with many others, some fell off because they were wearied, some through carelessness, some to circumstances beyond their control, and sadly, others were grabbed by the cold hands of death (may their souls rest in peace).

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It hasn’t been an easy ride, not even for the son/daughter of the billionaire. We’ve been through thick and thin, sunshine and rain, hard knocks and soft ones, rainstorm and firestorm, which were all geared towards dampening our morale for leaving this journey halfway. In all these, we stood, we fought, we pursued, we persevered, we boxed on, and we never looked back! You remember the dawn quizzes? And the quiz you got a single digit? Hahaha, yeah! And oh, that day you had to eat “gari soak” with no groundnut just because you were broke? You feeling nostalgic right?

UCC-land hasn’t been that pleasant and rosy for some of us to thrive in here but hey, if you and I are here today, then indeed it had to take some special form of grace to be here. Need I say more when we all had our challenges which nearly beguiled and demoralized us during our four-year stay here?

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Fellow finalists, after going through all the tough times to toughen yourself up and to muscle your way through, would you want your final days to be worst off than your beginning? Wouldn’t you want to leave on a high? Would you love to see your last days send you to the cleaners? Of course we’ve written so many examinations, but this one is a decisive one, make the best out of it. Let your last days be a memorable one, let your world hear of you…Go out there and shine.

Wishing you all the very best in your examination. May God see you through successfully.

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Paa Kwesi Mensah
Level 400
BSc Psychology

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