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An interview with the KNUST Faculty of Arts President-elect


After the heat of the elections, Bobby from myJCR spent some time with the winner of the KNUST Faculty of Art presidential elections 2014 to congratulate him and ask him more about his plans for the Faculty. Take a ride with me and enjoy this interview.

myJCR (m). Roland (r)

m: How are you doing?
r: Am blessed.

m: We would like to congratulate you for your success.
r: Am humbled to be interviewed.
m: Tell us a little about yourself.
r: Roland Djan-Kwafo Jnr is an HND graduate from the Takoradi Polytechnic now pursuing B.A Communication Design at KNUST. First born of three boys, former P.R.O of the Art Society, KNUST and also a former Brand Manager of the Meridian Pre-University, Accra. A Professional Graphic Designer.

m: How was the feeling when you were announced the winner?
r: Thank you, I was humbled and very happy.
m: It has been said that when leaders get into power, especially student leaders, they turn to ‘snob’ those who elected them. What’s your take on that?
r: Well it depends on the individual. Each person has his or her own peculiar character. I am always around people. I like listening to their opinions and get to understand how they think. I see others the way God sees them. Personally I don’t snob people no matter the circumstance
m: That’s good to know. What are your views on the electoral process? Would you say everything was well organized?
r: It was very strict. Yes please.

m: What are your plans for the Faculty of Arts?
r: Advocating for the AFUF (Academic Facility User Fee) to subsidize the tools and materials we use for our practical works, well resourced studios, advocating for shuttles to the new Faculty Building which I have already advocated and is ongoing. The “Read as you go” project, the Social Basket Facility to help ease the financial burden on students pertaining to academic works.
m: Tell us more about the “Read as you go” project.
r: Uploading of lecture notes and reference materials for research work on our website which can be easily accessible on most iPhones and android phones. Seminars and workshops for public mentorship (capacity building), upgrading of the internet connection and socialization.
m: People of other faculties have buses, what do you intend to do to make that of the Faculty more available?
Roland: Ok. Basically we have a bus, but for now, must undergo some maintenance and then will be on the road.
m: How long do you think that will take?
r: What I will do is to let authorities know when and why students need the bus so that it will be given to us. I can’t really tell when it will be ready but hopefully next semester we will have it on the roads.
m: Noted. You know the Faculty of Arts was not represented at Tratech 2014. What are your views on this? How serious is this matter to you?
r: We opted out due to the poor planning and delayed relay of information to the Executives of the Art Society by the Tratech Committee.
m: Any plans to avoid this in future during your time?
r: Is serious to me because it didn’t help us to show or exhibit what we are capable of doing and the creative minds we possess. Yes, I’m creating a havoc committee dubbed “Tratech Committee” which will make sure that plans are made ahead of time and also make sure the SRC notify us early.
m: Roland, from the various people I interviewed before the election, they seemed to love your charisma. Where do you get your inspiration from?
r: From God, through His Holy Spirit.

m: Any African leader you look up to?
r: Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, I love him.
m: Which of his words or quotes is your favourite?
r: “The Blackman is capable of managing his own affairs.”

m: I think our readers have had enough of the ‘political talk’, though there’s a lot to say. Now to your personal life. Fufu or Banku?
r: Hahahaha. Well I prefer Banku though I am a native Akuapem.
m : Single or dating?
r: Hahahaha. Single and searching.
m: Range Rover or Toyota Fortuner?
r: Toyota Fortuner.
m: Roland, it’s been nice speaking with you.
r: Thank you, and humbled once again.
m: Any advice for future aspirants for your office?
r: They should redefine students leadership by truly serving students interest. They should be able to defeat their personal gain to serve public course.

m: Any final message?
r: Hmmm campaigning and winning elections is just a step to the great work ahead. I seriously feel the grievances of students and I have made it a point to deliver all my promises. I just need prayers for God’s wisdom and directions.
m: Good luck Roland and Congratulations once again.
r: Thank you.

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