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myJCR.com provides undergraduates opportunities to gain journalism, digital media, and design experience while covering issues relevant to students.

Students can write, photograph, copyedit, design, and help manage myJCR.com. No prior experience is necessary and no long-term commitment is required. The experience of working on myJCR.com provides many students with valuable skills, and helpful in securing future employment in mass media after graduation.

myJCR Office

Copy Editing

Copy editors look for spelling, grammatical, and factual errors in news and articles that are to be published on myJCR.com. Many students are introduced to myJCR.com’s writing process through copy editing, and provides good experience for those interested in applying for editor positions in the future.

Most copyediting takes place same day articles are received in our e-mail.


There are several sections on myJCR.com to which students can contribute: News, Opinions, Career, Events, and Lifestyle.

Students are credited as Guest Writers, but can earn the title of myJCR Writer after meeting a three article quota and submitting an application to the myJCR Editor of his/her campus.

To start writing, you may submit article suggestions to section editors via their email;

KNUST News: knust@myJCR.com

Legon News: legon@myJCR.com

UCC News: ucc@myJCR.com

All Other News: news@myJCR.com

Events: events@myJCR.com

All Articles: articles@myJCR.com


Photographers are credited on myJCR.com as Guest Photographers until they submit an application and meet a contribution quota to become a myJCR Photographer. To start taking photos for myJCR.com, contact the photos editor at photos@myJCR.com.

Graphics Designing

myJCR.com also recruits graphic designers who assist editors in creating adverts and graphics that complement articles. To contribute, contact the Editor-in-Chief at editor@myJCR.com.

Videography and Video Editing

Videographers and video editors help in the production of short events updates, interviews, documentaries, and #CampusTalents. If you want to develop your skills in video production, contact the Editor-in-Chief at editor@myJCR.com.

For further inquiries, please contact the Editor-in-Chief via the WhatsApp # +233-23-555-1144.